Our work fields of IMPACT:

Interdisciplinary & holistic

To implement our sustainable vision, we are collaborating with local NGOs & stakeholders in the following disciplines:

Education & Mindfulness


Because we believe, that every human being is a creator and needs to be empowered in their passions and skills - no matter how long they went to school or if they had any higher education. M.O.I. will offer coaching for individuals to find out and define theirs to take their next steps to create their livelihood with a healthy body & mindset.


Environmental & Social Sustainability


Because we believe, that every individual can contribute their part to live on this planet in peace, mutual understanding and with environmental consciousness. M.O.I will support local communities in partner countries with the expertise and knowledge needed, to achieve this goal on a local and global level. 

Vocational Training & Business Innovation


Because we believe, that everyone has a vocational passion which in some way contributes to the wellbeing of others. M.O.I will support local vocational training and business innovation & Social Entrepreneurship in all matters of social & environmental sustainability as well as further empowerment of locals in our parter countries.


Arts & Culture


Because we believe, that arts & culture contribute a lot to the well-being of individuals and groups - on a local and global level. M.O.I. will support artists on a local level and also provide a global network for them to present their art. We will therefore foster an intercultural exchange of artists worldwide.



Community based sustainable tourism


Because we believe, that an intercultural exchange of sustainable ideas also has to take place on ground. Our idea of the M.O.I Local Bases include sustainable training centres, a marketplace as well as a sustainable guest lodge to foster transcultural sustainable learning.



Our global partners of IMPACT:

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