There are several ways to support our vision:

Become an official member of M.O.I.

Your best way to support us in the first place is to become an official member of MINISTRY OF IMPACT e.V.! As we want to invite people from all over the world to support our cause, we do not take membership fees. We would be happy to have you supporting us in spreading our vision, promoting our fundraisers or maybe contributing yourself by a donation - or your ideas to raise awareness for our cause!  Sign into making a change with us right here!

Plan our projects with us!

We are looking for MINISTERS OF IMPACT with the following passions & skills:

  • positive mindset & deep believe in the fact, that an individual can make a global difference as part of a like minded team
  • thinking solutions - not problems
  • experiences in community work
  • networking skills
  • being trained in a work-field of environmental or social sustainability
  • experiences in a work-field that combines the health of body, mind & soul
  • experiences in working with or for a local or global organisation with social or sustainability goals
  • knowledge about fundraising or sponsorship for Non governmental organisations locally or globally
  • Studies in Social & Environmental Sciences
  • Law & Business Studies
  • experiences as a life coach with a solution-focussed approach 
  • bringing together worldwide knowledge into a holistic, interdisciplinary & sustainable approach to make a local & global difference

Become our local NGO Partner

So many NGOs are already successfully working on ground! Ministry of Impact is looking forward to work with you an realise first small sustainable projects with you and to contribute to creating a sustainable livelihood for underprivileged youths in your region!  Our is to foster and enhance what and who you are already working on and with - and to connect you to our partners worldwide!

Become our business partner

In order to establish our sustainable community centres, the M.O.I. Local Bases, we are looking for business partners, investors or municipalities to provide us with the land and infrastructure needed. If you are interested in a strategic partnership to contribute to sustainable development, education or tourism in your region, we would appreciate to talk to you about possible options. 

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