Get to know Ministry of Impact founder Christiana Kant:

EMPOWERMENT has always been the Christiana's inspiration and drive in her personal and professional vita. After her studies in Sociology and  Social Anthropology and travels to Africa, she dedicated herself to it in several ways.

As a Social Entrepreneur she started an Impact Hub in her Café "Kaderschmiede" in Hamburg/Germany. In this place, people came together to exchange their ideas of impactful professional contribution to the challenges of the 21 century. She hosted  little fairs, workshops, trainings, readings, concerts and fashion shows. The success of this Impact Hub gave her the idea of the M.O.I. Local Bases as spaces for exchange ideas and mutual empowerment in Ministry of Impact's partner countries - in combination with sustainable community based tourism to foster an international exchange on ground.

She then became a solution oriented Coach and Trainer specialised in "Constellations" to assist people to discover their inner treasures and resources to live up to their personal goals and dreams. This wonderful coaching approach uses toys to assist coachees to mount their vision as a play.

From 2013, she was working with homeless people and refugees - always striving for their best possible integration into german society. She was coordinating Germany's largest refugee settlement im Hamburg from 2017.

With Ministry of Impact e.V. her dream to make a GLOBAL difference with a family of changemakers finally becomes true! 

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Get to know Ministry of Impact founder Debojit Das:

Debojit Das is an author and spiritual life coach from Assam,  India. 

It is always his passion to bring out the best in human beings and empower them to live up to their dreams and purpose.


In Assam, he is engaged as the secretary of the NGO "Team NIXOBDO" - who is also partnering with "Ministry of Impact" on our plastic repurposing project IMPACTBAGZZ.

For Team NIXOBDO Debojit has already successfully implemented humanitarian aid and environmental awareness projects on ground. 

It is his vision to now spread the awareness that every human can live a purposeful live together with "Ministry of Impact" all over the globe.

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