Our Projects of IMPACT

Our long term goal ist to establish community centres - the M.O.I. Local Bases - to create a local space to spread awareness about social and ecological sustainability. In a first step, we are right now realising smaller projects to enhance an instant experience of a successful changemaking. Find out more:

M.O.I.Local Bases

...where we intend to spread our passion for mindfulness and sustainability together with our local partners and connect local and global ideas & knowledge of sustainable impact in on ground in our partner countries! 


Our Kick-Off-Project "Impactbagzz" aims to raise awareness for plastic waste and educates to upcycle plastic sacks in combination with traditional fabric to re-create a sustainable bag in a modern design. 

Clean Up Days

An easy to realise project in collaboration with our partner NGOs to raise awareness for climate change and possibilities to re-cycle or up-cycle. Our partnering NGO "Team NIXOBDO" in Assam, India, just set this example!