The M.O.I. Local Bases

Places of IMPACT

Ministry of Impact e.V.'s longterm goal is to build sustainable community centres including a lot of facilities to foster sustainable learning, networking & entrepreneurship. 

What will happen in a M.O.I. Base?

A space for

workshops & seminars

Every local M.O.I. BASE will have facilities for workshops and seminars concerning all of our issues of social & environmental impact. They can also be used for meditation and yoga and all other relevant empowering topics and events.

A space for

sustainable creation

Every local M.O.I. BASE will have a workshop to use for our fresh sustainable businesses to get into gear. M.O.I will provide all necessary tools for our young founders to use for their creations with upcycling materials.

A space for

co-working & StartUps

Every local M.O.I. BASE will provide co-working space for change makers to develop their amazing ideas and found their sustainable business. We will equip them with free WIFI and work-stations and all needed office facilities. 

A space for

sustainable hospitality

Every local M.O.I. BASE will include a a restaurant and an upcycling hotel. Our vision is to make local M.O.I. BASES "the" place to go and be to gather with local and travelling change makers. The restaurant will serve affordable local crossover cuisine streetfood  style. 


A space for

arts & creative markets

Every local M.O.I. BASE will have an outdoor event space for every kind of artistic and professional presentation of the M.O.I. network. There will be a monthly event programme including concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, business fairs and a weekly sustainability market. 


A space for

counselling & coaching

We will have a local M.O.I. Coach trained on Debojit's and Christiana's SOULution-focussed coaching approach on every base as well as the possibility for other local coaches and counsellors to book into the rooms for their coaching sessions.

How will we build the M.O.I. Local Bases?

We will combine waste products like plastic and glass bottles with traditional natural local construction materials to build all the houses on ground of the M.O.I Local Bases. We will thus demonstrate a sustainable way of construction and a creative combination of traditions and ecological sustainability as well as a unique ambiance with upcycled or repurposed furniture and accessories.