Our approach of IMPACT:

Empower individuals in developing countries to make a sustainable global difference!

MINISTRY OF IMPACT e.V. wants to raise awareness of individuals to use their personal resources to not only be happy and create a livelihood locally, but also to connect them to the globalised world to participate in the world to share their ideas and passions. Because:


Knowledge is a capital!!! 


MINISTRY OF IMPACT wants to merge this global knowledge & expertise of its members, classify it and make it available to people and projects around the globe to enable individuals worldwide, to (re-)use it in their community.

We want to elevate this network-approach from a local to a global level. So many fantastic socially and environmentally sustainable relevant projects have been developed worldwide already! No matter in which country they were created and successfully applied: we want to bring them all together, create awareness for them and as well as platform to prosper and be used by likeminded people at the other end of the globe!  And - most possibly - at the end enable individuals in developing countries to found their own sustainable business to make a global difference as social entrepreneurs! 

Therefore, we are cooperating with already successfully operating NGOs in our partnering countries - to be able to meet the specific needs of the region in question.

»Humans are like living treasure boxes. And is such a great task to foster their talents and thus inspire them to create a livelihood.«

Christiana Kant, Co-founder of Ministry of Impact e.V.

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